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Financial support is available through graduate assistantships (research and teaching) and internships. Assistantships and internships include tuition waivers and subsidized fringe benefits. Research projects provide financial support to graduate assistants while providing them with the opportunity to participate in engineering studies and familiarize themselves with theoretical, numerical, and experimental methods. A number of local engineering firms sponsor ORE internships and provide practical training at their sites. Further details (and the assistantship application) are available on the ORE admissions page.

In addition, the University of Hawai'i may have scholarships available.

NOTE: Visit the UH Office of Graduate Education web site for additional information.

Finally, graduate scholarships and fellowships are regularly offered to qualified candidates by a number of organizations, some of which is listed below:

Most PhD students in the Department are supported by graduate assistantships throughout their study, while MS students engaged in the Plan A thesis option usually receive support after the first year of coursework. Details and assistantship application forms are available on the ORE Admission Link.














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