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Cooperating Faculty

- Supporting Faculty from other Departments at the University of Hawai'i.


Janet M. Becker, PhD

Monique Chyba, PhD

Oceana Francis, PhD, PE

Reza Ghorbani, PhD

Brian T. Glazer, PhD

Stephen M. Masutani, PhD

Gary McMurtry, PhD

Mark A. Merrifield, PhD

H.Ronald Riggs, PhD

John R. Smith, PhD

Jian Yu, PhD

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Affiliate Graduate Faculty

-Supporting Faculty from external organizations (industry, government, academia)


B. Dandridge Greeson, PhD

Geno Pawlak, PhD

David Rezachek, PhD, PE

David Smith, PhD, PE

Lora Van Uffelen, PhD

Dayan Vithanage, PhD, PE

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Adjunct Faculty

S. Wang Yoon, PhD

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Emeritus Faculty

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Retired and Previous Faculty

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