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Gérard C. Nihous

  • Associate Professor

  • Journal Publications
  • Rajagopalan, K. and G.C. Nihous,(2013). Estimates of global Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) resources using an Ocean General Circulation Model, Renewable Energy, 50, 532-540.
  • Nihous, G.C. (2012). Wave power extraction by arbitrary arrays of non-diffracting oscillating water columns, Journal of Ocean Engineering, 51, 94-105.
  • Nihous, G.C.,(2011). A discussion of endoreversible engines at maximum output, Fundamental Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering, 1(2), 73-81, published online at http://www.frdint.com/
  • Nihous, G.C.(2011). Assessment of the evolution of water-column stratification following the hypothetical implementation of widespread controlled upwelling in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre, Journal of Marine Environmental Engineering, 9(3), 175-189.
  • Nihous, G.C. and M. Gauthier:(2011) Chapter 2: Énergie thermique des mers : une perspective historique in “Énergie thermique, houlogénération et technologies de conversion et de transport des énergies marines renouvelables,” B. Multon ed., Séries EGEM, Hermčs-Science/Lavoisier Pub., ISBN 10: 2746238039, 71-109,(in French).
  • Nihous, G.C. and M. Gauthier: (2011) Chapter 12: Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion : a historical perspective: in “Marine Renewable Energy Handbook,” B. Multon ed., ISTE, John Wiley & Sons, ISBN: 9781848213326, 367-401.
  • Nihous, G.C. (2011). Gulf of Mexico aftermath, Nature Geoscience, 4, 141-142, doi: 10.1038/ngeo1098.
  • Nihous, G.C., “Mapping available Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion resources around the main Hawaiian Islands with state-of-the-art tools,” Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, 2, 043104,doi:10.1063/1.3463051, 9 p., 2010.
  • Yoza, B.A., Nihous, G.C., Takahashi, T.K., Golmen, L.G., War, J.C., Otsuka, K., Ouchi, K., and S.M. Masutani, “Deep Ocean Water Resources in the 21st Century,” Marine Technology Society Journal, 44(3), 80-87, 2010.

    Nihous, G.C., “Notes on the temperature dependence of carbon isotope fractionation by aerobic CH4 oxydizing bacteria,” Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies, 46(2), 133-140, 2010.

    Nihous, G.C., “A Combinatorial Proof of a Novel Binomial Identity,” The Mathematical Scientist, 35, 54-56, 2010.

    Nihous, G.C., K. Kuroda, J.R. Lobos-González, R.J. Kurasaki, and S.M. Masutani, “An analysis of gas hydrate dissociation in the presence of thermodynamic inhibitors,” Chemical Engineering Science, 65, 1748-1761, 2010.

    Nihous, G.C., “A generalization of the Monty Hall Problem,” The Mathematical Scientist, 34, 94-98, 2009.

    Nihous, G.C., “Axisymmetric Large Eddy Simulation of a Circular Source of Buoyancy,” International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, 30, 1980-1986, 2009.

    Nihous, G.C., C.K. Kinoshita and S.M. Masutani, “A determination of the activity of water in water-alcohol mixtures using Mobile Order Thermodynamics,” Chemical Engineering Science, 64(11), 2767-2771, 2009.

    Nihous, G.C., “Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) and derivative technologies: Status of development and prospects,” invited contribution, IEA-OES 2008 Annual Report, 45-49, 2009.


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